Yoann Leroux

Yoann Leroux

La Vie imite l'Art bien plus que l'Art n'imite la Vie

Yoann Leroux
Hello , My name is Yoann Leroux International Athlete and teacher . I have been practicing Parkour/Freerunning for more of 10 years, and if you would like to see my own individual style I would like to invite you to watch my videos. My loves: Freerunning, Acrobatic Stunt Arts, Martial Arts Tricking, Extreme Sports, Climbing, Roller Blading, All urban movement, Hip-hop and B-boy, Traveling and meeting new people, and more…

Biographie :

For me Freerunis a life experience, an evolution which nourishes the self and the personality of the person who practices it. Above all else, it is a physical and mental method to prepare our body and spirit, which sharpens our senses of touch, sight and reflexes. The body forges and sharpens itself like a weapon which should not be used to its maximum except in the case of absolute necessity by its owner. For me, someone who uses it in all its forms, whether it be freestyle or utility, it remains for me an art, a passion, a vocation.

The generations evolve, Freerun evolves, but the basis of Freerun stays the same. At this point, we can’t change the older generation, so it’s up to the new generation to take up the baton and move, without any second thoughts, as a new Freerun emerges and evolves.

I can’t define Freerun, or frame it, but to me Freerun means creating a mix of Urban Arts, which mix together to create ones own personal style. Martial Arts, Dance, Acrobatics all mix together with Freerun creating a kind of “sandwich” which I like to call “Free-style Parkour”. Parkour is the bread and the other Urban Arts are the ingredients that you choose to put between the two slices!

And the best thing about Freerun is the “lifestyle” as we experience this lifestyle every moment, every second of the day as we are not only a family, but a community which pushes its limits whether it be against oneself or against the street

Vidéos :

VIDÉO: 99% CONTRÔLE - 2017- Yoann Leroux

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Palmarès :

Évènement :2011, Tampa, FL
1st in the WFPF/RED BULL “Art of Motion”
Évènement :2011, Boston
4th place in the WFPF/RED BULL “Art of Motion”
Évènement :2010, London
11th place in the Barclaycard Championship
Évènement :2010, Vienna
2nd place in the RED BULL “Art of Motion”
Évènement :2011, Berlin
3nd and 5th place in Parcouring Tournament
Évènement :2011, Berlin
1st and 7th place in Parkouring fast break
Évènement :2012, Greece
2nd place in Santorini REDBULL ART OF MOTION
Évènement :2012, Kuwait
4nd place in Falaska REDBULL ART OF MOTION
Évènement :2012, United States , WA
1st place in Seattle Parkour SUMMIT